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Beats/Misses Highlighting
Beats/Misses Highlighting
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We introduced a new feature that highlights Earnings Beats and Misses differently in the newsfeed.

Previously, the EPS and $ figures were highlighted in green if they were positive figures, and red if negative. The quarter reported was highlighted in green.

Now, the quarter will still be highlighted in green, but the EPS and $ number are not highlighted. Instead, the word “Beats” is highlighted green, and the word “Misses” is highlighted in red. Additionally, if the stock beats on both revenue and EPS, the newspost gets an accompanying green icon. If the stock misses on both revenue and EPS the newspost gets an accompanying red icon. If it is a mixed report, there is no icon associated with the post.

The intention of this change is to make the data easier to consume when looking at the newsfeed. If you prefer the old visuals, don’t worry! You can change this setting in the settings menu for news.

Click on the “Account” icon in the upper right corner of Pro, and then select Settings > News > Highlight Key Phrases > Beats/Misses

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