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What is tool linking?

Tool linking is the action of connecting multiple Tools together allowing them to share information. One example of this is the action of clicking/selecting a ticker.

How does Tool Linking work For Symbols?

The implantation of tool linking in Pro uses user actions to trigger events. Such as clicking a ticker or sending a ticker to a link. These events are then sent to the appropriate Link that the user has selected. The user can then subscribe to the Link in the search bar to get the symbol populated there.

What is the Default Link?

The Default link is the Link that a symbol will be sent to when a user simply clicks or selects a ticker.

What happens when there is no Default Link selected?

If there is no link selected, Pro will revert back to how it always handled Symbol clicking. When a user clicks or selects a symbol, Pro will check if there is a Details tool in the workspace. If there is, then Pro will simply update the symbol selected in Details. If there is not, then Pro will simply add a Details Tool to the workspace and update its value.

How To Set the Default Link?

The Default link is set using the Link icon at the top right of every Tool (pictured below). You can also clear the Default Link from there.

Clicking this icon allows you to attach this tool to the link. Doing so will notify other tools in the same link group of actions that occur within this tool.

Once a Link is selected a modal may appear if the Tool has a search bar. The modal simply asks if you would also want to add the link to the search bar as well. This is simply a shortcut so the user does not have to add the link to the search bar manually.

Key Takeaway: When a linked ticker is in the search bar, that tool will be filtered by that ticker AND change based on what ticker is clicked from the linked group.

Now that the link is established, anytime a ticker from the linked tools is clicked on, it will update the tools selected that are linked with the same color. Linked tools will share the same color band along the top edge of the tool.


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