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What are Desktop Notifications and How Do I Turn Them On?
What are Desktop Notifications and How Do I Turn Them On?

Enabling Desktop Notifications

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Desktop notifications are visual alerts that appear on your screen even when you’re not looking at your newsfeed.

The notifications you get are based on the filters you have set for your newsfeed (e.g., Sources, Categories, Sectors, Watchlists). They will alert you to every news update that matches your criteria. 

Here’s what a typical desktop notification looks like: 

Note: You must be logged in to Benzinga Pro for desktop notifications to work. 

How To Turn On Desktop Notifications:

Click the DESKTOP NOTIFICATIONS button at the top of your Newsfeed. 

You will know desktop notifications are on when the button at the top of your newsfeed is YELLOW. If the button is grey, your notifications are off. 

Your browser will prompt you to click "Allow". Now you will get Notifications on your device whenever a new story comes into your newsfeed. 

You will see your notifications in the bottom-right corner of your screen when you’re working with a single screen. If you have a multi-monitor setup, the notification will appear on the monitor set to #1 (or primary) in your OS settings. 

Desktop notifications can only be enabled via the Newsfeed widget and work in tandem with the SOURCES, CATEGORIES, SECTORS, and WATCHLISTS filter which can be applied to the Newsfeed. Users can also receive notifications in tandem with ticker and keyword searching.

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