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Analyst Ratings Stock Picks
Analyst Ratings Stock Picks
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Analyst Rating Stock Picks:

Use “Analyst Ratings Monitor” for long term positions and stock picks

a) Click “Analyst Ratings Monitor”

b) Close “Newsfeed” opened in the tool

c) Click date “XX/YY/ZZZZ”

d) Adjust for three weeks

i) Click current date, then select date three weeks back

e) Sort “Symbol” column alphabetically

i) This groups all ratings current ratings for same stock together

f) Browse “Symbol” column for at least three ratings

g) Confirm “Ratings” column is all green

h) See $AMAT for example

i) Find “Price Target” column

j) Take the average of all Price Targets for your (minium) three ratings, all on same ticker

k) Check current price of stock -- put cursor over the ticker symbol from the list l) Confirm the average of price targets is >10% than current price

m) Go to brokerage

n) Place market buy order for security

o) Immediately, enter Sell Limit order at an average of the price targets but Good Till Canceled

i) This instruction to brokerage means: sell shares ONLY when the stock reaches this specific price, and carry instruction over each day until then

Key Takeaways:

1. Stock can still go down! (but don’t panic, see below)

2. Analysts have about 12 months for stock to reach their price target

3. Routinely check once a month for any new/updates to ratings

a. These would be most common around quarterly results!

4. Your brokerage may only hold the “Good Till Cancelled” (or GTC) order for six months 5. Not designed to get you rich, but to balance out down days and slow but consistent growth to your portfolio.

6. See $ALLY for a classic example

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