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Unusual Options Activity Calendar Filters
Unusual Options Activity Calendar Filters

Descriptions for the different filters in the UOA calendar

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Date - The date the trade took place.

Time - The time the trade took place.

Symbol - The ticker symbol for the underlying asset.

Option Symbol - The OCC option symbol. This symbol consists of four parts:

  1. Root symbol of the underlying stock or ETF

  2. Expiration date, 6 digits in the format yymmdd

  3. Option type, either P or C, for put or call

  4. Strike price, as the price x 1000, front padded with 0s to 8 digits

PUT/CALL - Whether the contract is a put or call contract.

Trade Type - Either a Sweep or Trade. A Sweep means the order needed to be broken down into different parts and routed more than one way in order to get filled.

Expiration Date - The date when the contract expires. Also referred to as 'Expiry' or 'Expiry Date'.

DTE - Days to expiration. How many days the contract has until expiry at the time the trade was placed.

Strike Price - The strike price of the contract.

Bid - The current price of the bid at the time of the trade.

Ask - The current price of the ask (offer) at the time of the trade.

Midpoint - The midpoint of the bid/ask spread.

Size - The number of contracts in that individual trade.

Trade Count - The number of routes a Sweep is broken down into. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the more bullish or bearish that trade is.

Security Type - An ETF or an individual stock.

Total Trade Price - The total cost of that single trade. This is calculated: the price of the contract x 100 x the number of contracts.

Option Price - The price of the option contract at the time of the trade.

OI - Open Interest. This is the number of contracts being held by traders at the beginning of that trading day.

Volume - The total number of contracts traded at that strike and expiry at the time of the trade.

Last Trade - The date and time the trade took place.

Vol/OI - The size of the order divided by the Open Interest, expressed as a ratio.

Sentiment - The bullish or bearishness to the underlying asset based on that single option trade. A link to the sentiment chart can be found here.

Description - The complete option trade as seen in the Signals tool. A link to "How Do I Understand the Option Activity Signal" can be found here.

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