Swing Trading
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-What is a swing trade?

A trade that has a time frame of a few days to a few weeks, perhaps a month or two

-How to screen for potential swing trades

  1. Find Themes

  2. Relative Volume

  3. Weekly timeframe on screener

  4. Filter based on trader’s plan (ex. Price, float, market cap)

  5. RSI (momentum indicator)

-Popular indicators for swing trades?

  1. Moving averages

  2. Bollinger Band and Keltner Channels

  3. RSI

  4. Fibonacci retracements

-News catalyst on the thesis?

Think of this as the engine. If the engine is running, the trade can go forward.

-Position sizing and risk management

Position sizing and risk are not "one size fits all." Risk needs to be tailored to the individual and the account. Position size is a product of well-defined risk levels. Position sizing can change through the trade. Scale in along support levels, and scale-out as resistance levels or profit targets, or portfolio % alotment.

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