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How to Find Geopolitical News
How to Find Geopolitical News
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With all the geopolitical news going on, you may be wondering how you can incorporate that news into your trading strategy. For example, SPY is an exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks the SP-500. This isn’t a futures contract, but rather a tradable asset listed on NYSE.

You can incorporate these ETFs into your trading strategy by tracking the ones that are important to you, or that pertain to ongoing geopolitical issues. FXI, for example, represents a basket of large market cap companies in China, and similarly, RSX represents the Russian ETF.

Some others that you may have heard of include, but are not limited to EEM, EWW, DAX, FEZ, EWG, EWP, etc.

One way to filter out noise would be to create a watchlist and add the ETFs you want to see news about. Then click watchlists in the news feed.

Then select the watchlist you’d like to filter by.

Now your news feed will only show you results that pertain to the selected watchlist.

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