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What Is Squawk and How Do I Use It?
What Is Squawk and How Do I Use It?

Benzinga Pro Squawk

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Squawk is a live audio stream with key headlines and real-time market updates. 

There are 2 different Squawks to choose from:

- Squawk Equity ( from 6 am - 6 pm EST )
- Squawk Options ( 11 am - 1 pm EST )

Squawk Equity will give you alerts on stocks and the market as a whole, while the Squawk Options will only alert you on Options Activity. ( you can see most alerts in this squawk in the UOA add on workspace )

From 6am to 6pm (ET), Benzinga Pro updates you on news you need to know, in real-time, by announcing market developments which include market-moving exclusives, option alerts, volume spikes and rumors.

To use Benzinga Pro Squawk, hover your mouse over the Squawk icon on the left side of your page. The icon will expand and look like this: 

From there, you can control everything from the comfort of your own platform.

We have recently added a status indicator alert. Never again question if you are missing something on Squawk. You will always know your connection status. 

Indicator Lights: What Do the Colored Dots Mean?

Indicates both the listener (You) and the Broadcaster (Benzinga Newsdesk) are connected.

Indicates that connection has stopped and you will need to press play to hear audio. 

Squawk Features:

  • In-platform integration 

  • Ability to pause and play

  • Ability to mute and adjust the volume

  • Status Indicator 

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