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Getting Started: Movers
Getting Started: Movers

Discover what stocks are moving using the Benzinga Pro Movers

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The Benzinga Pro Movers tool lets you discover stocks based on a number of factors.

When a stock sees dramatic price action over a selected duration, the stock will automatically appear on Movers.

Watch this introductory video to learn more.


  1. This tool can quickly show you the stocks that are up and/or down. Clicking on a ticker will open or load that ticker in the details tool. In some cases, you may find key information like reasons why the stock is moving as well as an impending earnings date.

  2. Movers will display a max of 100 results, sorted in descending order from the biggest % change.

  3. You can have more than 1 Movers tool. Some users set one for gainers and the other for losers. This gives you twice as many results as selecting "Gainers & Losers."

  4. Selecting the "Regular" session allows for users to select a custom date range.

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