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Catching (Healthcare) News Catalysts In Your Newsfeed
Catching (Healthcare) News Catalysts In Your Newsfeed

Use these keywords to be alerted to news catalysts in the healthcare sector.

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In this video, I explain how to capture double (and even triple!!) digit percentage gains on clinical trial result news catalysts. 

First, a few ground rules for catching these news catalysts: 

  1. Make sure you have a brokerage that lets you trade during pre and aftermarket hours. 

  2. Make sure you're waking up by at least 8am to catch most of these alerts. 

  3. Remember to keep things simple until you become confident trading on the news. Especially if you're new to this particular sector (healthcare). 

Note: Screener is now called Movers in Benzinga Pro!

Keywords for capturing healthcare news catalysts: 

  • Primary Endpoint 📈

  • Topline Results 📈

  • Statistically Significant 📈

  • Lifts Clinical Hold 📈

  • FDA Approval 📈

  • Clinical Hold 📉

  • CRL (this one is related to FDA requiring more information)  📉

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